Our Voices on Ballot Initiatives

State Ballot Issue 1

We Urge Voters to Vote No on Ballot Issue 1

A Self-Executing Amendment Relating to Abortion and Other Reproductive Decisions

This Initiative Petition would enact Section 22 of Article 1 of the Constitution of the State of Ohio. This would codify the right to abortion, remove safeguards for women, and remove parental rights over medical decisions for their children.

State Ballot Issue 2

We Urge Voters to Vote No on Ballot Issue 2

To Commercialize, Regulate, Legalize, and Tax the Adult Use of Cannabis. This Initiative Petition would enact Chapter 3780 Of the Ohio Revised Code.

This Ballot Issue proposes to regulate Marijuana like Alcohol. But it doesn’t. Instead, it enacts a new system of “social equity and jobs”. Then it taxes regulated marijuana sales at 10% and uses the social equity program to distribute funds. When it comes to new business, the same social equity program picks the winners and losers.

No matter where you stand on the legalization of marijuana sales to adults for recreational use, no libertarian or conservative should vote for any laws that codify social equity programs by the government.

Do I think that federal laws concerning marijuana are ridiculous? Absolutely! Do I think this language solves the problem? Absolutely not!

The devil is always in the details, and these details stink like a dead skunk lying on the side of the road on a hot August day.

If Ohio is going to move to decriminalize recreational use of marijuana, the move needs to be made by our Ohio elected representatives. This ballot initiative was the result of outside interests using the guise of recreational marijuana to stick their nose under the tent of our social programs to create “social equity”.

We urge people to Vote No on Ballot Initiative 2 – Cheryl Krause, Communications Committee Chair