Building a Country for Every Citizen

The Values You Believe In

Our rights don’t come from the government, and we must be vigilant to protect our freedoms. The best government is limited and close to the people, who receive equal treatment under the law. 

Our Mission

To provide a forum for the residents, families, and friends of Delaware City and surrounding Counties where like-minded Constitutional Conservatives can meet.  To educate, empower, and engage the same Conservative Republicans by presenting candidates, groups, and City, Township, County, State, and Federal representatives serving the Delaware City and Delaware County areas who follow as written the Constitution of the United States and the State of Ohio.

Electing Conservative Candidates

Electing conservative candidates at the local level is the best way to build a team of conservatives ready to serve in higher offices.

United By Core Principles

Our tent may be large, but we all respect core conservative values:

limited government

limited taxation

individual freedom

Community Involvement

This is freedom’s last stand. If we lose freedom here it is lost forever. We engage in the community to protect individual freedom and encourage business.

Get Involved.

Join us and make your voice heard. The Delaware City School Board and City Council Elections are our next opportunity to select conservative leaders!

Volunteer Today

We’re always looking for conservatives to join! Volunteer on a campaign, attend a hearing, listen to what the candidates have to say, or make your voice heard at local government meetings.

Join our Club

Join our community of like-minded everyday people who simply want a better world to live in. Where every voice is heard and we are all equal before the law. Make plans to attend a meeting now

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